5 dietary rules on your vacation


On holiday you can forget about dieting and exercise. To stay in shape is enough to follow five simple rules.

1. Choose Hotel further from the sea. Then on the way to the beach, you will be able to burn more calories.

2. Fresh coffee at breakfast and wine for dinner-constant attributes of resort life. The only “but”: caffeine and alcohol can cause dehydration and metabolic disorders. To avoid these problems, after each serving drink a glass of water.

3. Buffet breakfast is freshly baked pastries, aromatic jams, soft cheese and Nutella. Delicious. But not enough to eat piggishly this ugliness all holiday. Flakes, natural yoghurt, fruit salads and honey-your delicious and healthy choices.

4.  After bathing in the sea is always tempted to order a three-course meal with dessert and wine. Nobody is going to discourage you, but first ask the waiter to bring you a large portion of green salad with olive oil. Eat it as slowly as possible.  Do you still want a roasted piglet?

5. In the “all inclusive” resorts free soda is often served in unlimited quantities. Be careful and instead of coke is better to order a glass of mineral water with ice and a slice of lemon.

Enjoy your summer!  ))

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