Rockin` Pinup Hair

Pin up hair

  Pinup has made an everlasting mark in history with its signature vintage appeal and unique hairstyles.  

 The term was coined in the 1940s, but pinup dates back to the turn of the 20th century.  

 Pinup made its way into the rockabilly era, which was inspired by the music and youth of the 1950s.  

 Although the days that perpetuated pinups are long gone, the best of these days remain thanks to its distinct fashions and hair.  

 Ladies, the pinup look begins and ends with a solid hairstyle. In essence, the more rolls a girl has up top the better.  

 Try some of these rockin’ pinup hair styles for yourself, and bask in all your vintage glory =)  

  xo xo Anastasia

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