Hot BRONDE (part 2)

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What are the benefits of Bronde color?

Coloring hair into bronde is a real godsend for the modern woman. The main advantage is in the natural look of hair. Don’t be surprised if others will not notice your new color. For some time you may forget about the problem of re-grown roots and the color will look luxurious.
This method suits ideally for those who want to grow your natural color with a smooth transition from blonde to a darker shade.

On what hair type bronde can be done?

Bronde can be done on the hair of any color. Most effective bronde looks on the medium-long and long hair. Natural styling and lack of fanciness – it’s the best way to discover the beauty of color bronde. We advise you to style curly hair into soft waves or straighten fully. Since the main message of bronde hair – natural beauty, be sure to maintain your haircuts and prevent split ends.


Can I dye my hair myself?

Technology of coloring into bronde is not easy. You’ll spend more than one hour to achieve true blond color. We do not recommend even trying to do this at home. Much better is to seek help from professionals.

Where you can find professional help?

It is not difficult to find a place for bronde coloring in Toronto, hair salons offer this kind of service, but an inexperienced stylist could harm your hair. Only few more unnecessary colored hair strands, and all the magic of bronde will disappear. This is delicate work, and the bronde stylist must have not only experience, but also intuition, feeling the end result of their work.
We offer brond hair coloring in our hair studio and we guarantee 100% success.
An experienced colorist will make an accurate diagnosis of your hair, according to its characteristics and your face features, will advise the color palette and will dye your hair, keeping all the technology.
Also, you will be pleasantly surprised by the ratio of price and quality.



Remember how many times you have admired celebrities’ hair, staring at the TV screen. Believe me, gorgeous hair color – it is not a myth. That is how your hair will look after good quality bronde coloring.


Come to us & you will certain that!

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