Hair Trends for Summer 2012

summer hair 2012

 Summer brings us sensation of flight and freedom. And this has become the main trend in hairstyles. The current trend is  the rejection of groomed hair in favor of frizzy hair “au natural” imitating morning awakening.


The natural messiness – the main trend of stylists. This season they suggest neither doing, pinning up, nor combing your hair. Hair should look as if you wash your head just before going to bed, went to bed with wet hair, and in the morning did not comb it.

Different braided hairstyles are steadily coming in the season 2012. The French braid is not only beautiful, but also universal. On its basis, you can create a variety of options, both casual and for the night out, decorated with flowers and ornaments. If you decide to make several braids, hide hairpins in order to draw attention to the hair. .


The pony tails are very popular choice, as traditionally neat ones and intentionally messed up, which adds to the sense of romanticism.  Note that the hair stylists use natural hair locks to secure hair, and pins are not catchy.


20th century big fluffy buns are back into fashion. This stylish updo is suitable for every day, but if necessary, can be turned into evening one with elegant decorative comb or tiara.

This season you can decide what bangs to wear- straight or oblique. Parted bangs will help to emphasize the graphics of the image. But you don’t have to stick to the clear lines. Just mess up hair a little bit, and a feeling of lightness and sexuality will follow. Opponents of the banged hairstyle will surely enjoy smooth shiny hair which is slicked back without parting, with wet effect.

Smooth side parting – an androgyny tribute. It helps to correct the face visually and could be an excellent choice for office when you want to compete with men. Stylists are using hair gel not only for smooth and clear hairstyle. Many designers have shown that they want to see us with wet hair, like water nymphs, which just came out of water. In this case, hair pomade or hair gel will be an essential tool in creating the image.


Lush hairstyles for long hair and curls are classic. They may resemble a lion’s mane with curls at the ends or finely twisted locks of hair which create weightless hairstyle. Also, hair locks can be less outlined, creating a wave. Those are a retro hair styles that are suitable for the red carpet.


Today is the best time to experiment with hair color. Stylists give us a full freedom of action. If you are looking to dye my hair into a crazy color, you just have to find the right one. Although there is less a radical way – coloring hair sprays. You can create an unforgettable look just for one day. Haircuts are also suitable for a radical image change. For example, different style of Bob cuts, which have many variations. Uneven, as if negligent, strands or clear lines – all this is in fashion. It is up to you to choose. Hairstyle is one of the image components. It is reflects your identity and your desires.

Do not be afraid to experiment! Now is the time!

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