12 of the prettiest celebrity updos.

Dianna Agron




Zoe Saldana’s twist.

Zoe’s impossibly pretty and elegant upward twist gets even more regal with a tiny sprig of gold embellishment.



Keira Knightley’s romantic twist.

Keira’s romantic twist is perfect for a wedding, romantic dinner or garden party.



Olivia Wilde’s topknot.

Olivia shows us why a topknot is not just casual. Her poufy, messy twist is perfect for showing off a stunning statement necklace.



Julianne Hough’s hair pins

Don’t be afraid of hair pins! Bring them out of hiding. They can also make the perfect accessory. Case in point? Julianne’s intricately pinned updo.



Dianna Agron’s piecey bun.

A piecey bun pulled together just above the nap of your neck is relaxed, but still polished enough for any major event. The secret? Give your hair some wave before starting, and pull in small sections and pin.



Amanda Seyfried’s French twist.

A French twist style updo always evokes elegance. Amanda’s has added waves for texture.



Julianne Hough’s easy updo.

For a big occasion, Julianne’s curly mass of side swept hair is not only soft and feminine, but will look just as good as pieces fall out through the night.



Rooney Mara’s edgy topknot.

For the edgy girl, here’s some inspiration. Pull your hair up into a smooth bun, but sculpt the front pieces of your hair into a slick, smooth faux bang.



Keira Knightley’s hair accessory.

Keira makes the list again with this incredibly soft hairstyle. It could easily look too casual, but the addition of a standout head piece elevates it to red carpet level.



Jennifer Lawrence’s updo.

Her creamy Dior dress wasn’t the only talk of the Oscar’s last year. There was a lot of swooning over Jennifer’s posh bun-style updo, too.



Kerry Washington’s half updo.

The half updo has been made famous by Kate Middleton, but Kerry’s more relaxed and funky with braids, volume and highlights, giving it edge and personality.



Taylor Swift’s braids.

A fresh way to make your updo modern? Add in a small braided band – it gives any twist or chignon a new life.

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