Why Hair Mask?


Between visits to the salon, pamper yourself and revitalize your hair without leaving home.

Dry and over-processed hair cries out for the nourishing properties of a good hairmask, but all hair types can benefit from a treatment.

Ask your hairstylist what mask will work the best on you!!!

Here’s how to get the most out of your hair mask.

 Find the mask that addresses your haircare needs: nourishing, repairing etc… Your stylist knows best when it comes to recommending a quality product       

 Shampoo and rinse your hair. Skip your usual conditioner when you’re planning on applying a mask.

 Squeeze out the excess water from you hair and apply the mask with your fingertips, working it generously into your hair.

 If you have combination hair, concentrate the product on the lower half of the length of your hair and not on the roots. If your hair is damaged or dry, apply the mask generously to the entire hair shaft, roots and all.

For a weekly application, leave the mask in for between 3 and 5 minutes.
More intensive masks to treat damaged or very dry hair require longer “sit times”.
Wrap you hair up in a towel while the mask works its wonders. A plus: wrap your head up in a warm towel, which amplifies the mask’s effect, and feels great too!

Once your hair has gotten its fill, rinse thoroughly with warm water. A good mask will take longer to rinse out than a shampoo or conditioner, so give it the time it needs. To give your hair more shine,  finish off with a spray of cool water.

Masks should be applied often if your hair is being exposed to chlorine, seawater or excessive sun, as well as frequent coloring.

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