Scalp Peel

scalp peel

To continue the theme of beauty and hair health, I’d like to tell you about the unique process – an excellent remedy in the battle for beautiful hair.
The Oscar Academy Awards 2012 has just finished. Did you notice the well-groomed and healthy hair of the Hollywood beauties? Mother Nature didn’t gift everyone with thick, shiny curls.

Beauty often is a time- consuming process; to be precise, it requires the constant and proper care, regular visits to the hairdresser, nutrition, fitness and professional salon treatment.


We all know that our hair needs nourishing.
But few of us know that in addition to nourishing, hair also needs cleansing.
We clean the face and body, forgetting about the scalp, although this procedure is very beneficial to our hair.
If we want to impress everyone with our luxurious hair, we need constantly take care about our scalp. The truth is, we can only affect our hair through hair bulbs, because they are the only part of the hair that is “alive”, while the visible part of the hair shaft is considered “dead”.


Change the quality of the grown hair is much harder than to strengthen the hair follicles.
How often we forget that the strength or fragility of the hair depends on the condition and health of the scalp. Beautiful, strong and healthy hair is always the result of a balanced and healthy hair skin.

Thus, welcome – SCALP PEEL (Scalp exfoliation)!
The procedure is the removal of dead skin cells, the destruction of fatty acids that accumulate on the surface of the scalp.

Scalp peel is a pretty rare salon treatment; it allows you to get rid of dead skin particles and remnants of skin cosmetics such as dyes, gels, and in result you get more vibrant and voluminous hair. Skin exfoliation is necessary to restore the supply of oxygen to the skin, to increase process of regeneration, to eliminate excess sebum, to activate blood circulation, remove dandruff, and relieve scalp itching.

Peel is suitable for all skin types, but your skin should be free of damage, cracks and sores, it is better not to peel immediately after hair coloring – it speeds up the fading of hair color.

What are the benefits of the scalp peel?

- Scalp peel – one of the most effective methods to fight hair loss.
- It works against dandruff! Indeed, the primary cause of dandruff is a dysfunction of the sebaceous glands.
- Exfoliation improves nutrition of hair roots.
- It stimulates hair growth.
- It improves scalp tone, filling it with oxygen.
- After the peeling, hair better absorbs nutrients.
- Prevents the development of dermatitis on the skin.

There are two types of exfoliation – mechanical and chemical.
Mechanical peel –
a scrub, which removes dead skin cells.

Chemical peel (salon peel) – contains various acids, active and similar components. A professional hairdresser can pick up the ingredients for a chemical peel based on client`s skin type and condition.

How often should you do it?
Do not exceed once in 1-2 weeks, because the treatment is very intensive, its effect will last for a long time.

How is the salon peel works?
During the procedure, the scalp is cleaned with the cleansing solution followed by a ten-minute massage. Keratinized particles of epidermis are removed, along with the dye residues, hair care and styling products, skin starts to “breathe.” It cleans the pores, removes toxins, allowing new hair to get much easier through to the surface.
Blood flow helps to activate the hair bulbs, enhancing the growth of new hair and strengthening existing ones.
The optimal frequency of the procedure is once in a month. With regular exfoliation, you can forget many problems associated with the scalp and, among other things, increase the thickness of hair (although this will be a long process).


BIOFRUIT by Vitality`s is specially designed professional chemical peel for scalp, which, thanks to the fruit acids, gently cleanses the skin from the accumulated oil, sebum plugs, dirt, dust, styling products and sweat.

Laboratory-developed complex of fruit acids and active components by Vitality`s stimulate cell renewal and prepares the scalp to better absorb nutrients, moisturizes and protects the scalp, which affects beneficially the condition and health of hair.

Biofruit is usually followed by products of the same Italian company which contain optimal concentration of active ingredients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant extracts. For example, Energy Forza stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Purify Therapy removes dandruff, Sebo Therapy slows down sebum production, Nutriactive Serum rebuilds brittle, dry, lifeless hair. (All products are available in my salon)

Wish you to be healthy and beautiful! Love and be loved!


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