The Importance of Hair


In the documentary, Good Hair, produced by Chris Rock, Maya Angelou says, “Hair is a woman’s glory.” Glory, self-worth, social acceptance and beauty are all tangled up in every woman’s hair. Why is good hair so important for women?

History could have something to do with it. Even as far back as ancient Egypt, a woman’s hairstyle indicated her age, status, role in society and political importance. Egyptians wore wigs made from human hair, adorned hair with gold beads, styled it with curling irons and covered grey with henna.

Today the media and celebrities define what’s beautiful and acceptable in hair. You know much of what you see on TV and in magazines is not real or not realistic for the average person, but you still want the look. And no matter what race or nationality you are, there’s usually something about your hair you don’t like.


Of course everyone knows it’s what’s inside a person that matters most, yet it’s so difficult to avoid judgment of yourself and others based on what you see on the outside. Damn human nature! The best you can do is take the time to look beyond the hair and into the heart—yours or someone else’s—to make your final judgment, but just in case… keep your hair always in the best condition.

xo xo Anastasia

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