Shampoo: How Much Do You Really Need to Spend?

best shampoo to buy

“How to Look Expensive” by Andrea Pomerantz Lustig. A beauty editor`s secrets to getting gorgeous without breaking the bank.

I ride both sides of the fence here. For me, using an expensive shampoo is a little luxury I can`t give up. I like the feeling of the rich lather, the delicious fragrance, and the afterglow of my silky tresses. Maybe it`s because I have three kids, I work, and my time in the shower is sacred to me. I`m partial to Frèdèric Fekkai, Morrocanoil, Nexxus Dualiste (some might think I bathe in the stuff I go through it so quickly), L`Orèal Paris Sèrie Professionnel (especially their Sèrie Nature eco-friendly line), and the Aveda Invati hair thickening line, always sticking to products that are for color-treated hair. David Babaii agrees with me:”It`s that small thing you can do for yourself that feels really luxurious; like wearing Chanel perfume when you can`t afford a Chanel suit, it gives you a psychological lift”. At the same time, I like to alternate in some less expensive brands I`ve found give the same luxe look and feel, both in the shower and when I`m done styling my hair, such as John Frieda (especially the Sheer Blonde line), Alba Botanica, and Kiss My Face shampoos and conditioners.
I think it`s important to mention that I`ve tried just as many expensive duds that made my hair too greasy or too soft or too smelly as I have inexpensive ones. The bottom line? To find a shampoo that not only makes your hair look great but also makes you feel great may take some experimenting. Mini bottles meant for travel are perfect for this. What to do with the full-bottle busts you buy along the way? Don`t throw them (and your money) down the drain, or let those bottles sit unused, taking up space in the shower. Use them on your child, dog, or recycle them as body conditioner. Just apply to arms, legs and torso after cleansing and rinse off – it`ll make your skin silky, and you won`t need to moisturize when you get out.

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