Don`t be economical with these!


It is always a good thing to save money here and there. However, there are beauty products and services that are worth more money to invest in, and at the end of the day you will realize the difference.



Your haircut is the most important thing in your look. It is crucial, you wear it every single day. A bad haircut means fighting with your hair every day, getting frustrated over your entire appearance. More expensive cuts tend to look more natural, your hair falls perfectly, you spend minimum time styling it. It is very important to find your perfect stylist, and if their services cost more than you can afford, extend time between cuts. After all, really good, professionally done hair cuts grow out better.



Beautiful hair makes you feel damn good. A great hair conditioner makes a whole lot of difference on coarse, frizzy, or damaged hair. Drugstores have really fantastic intensive conditioners, but if your only help is a more expensive conditioner, use it and love it, do not feel guilty about it. Your sense of self confidence in your appearance is priceless! (read more Why Hair Mask?)



Highlights or lowlights can redefine your image. Even though highlights are pretty expensive service, better to leave it to a professional colorist to do it. Don’t even try to do it at home, do not get mislead by a great amount of drugstore highlighting kits with nice pictures of highlighted hair, and that promise fantastic results. It will be a disaster, believe me.


Hair tools

 Again, your hair is the foundation of your look, that is why it’s so demanding. If you use heat to style your hair every day, make sure you invest more money in really good device, and you will save on different treatments later on.  Ask your hairstylist what tools are THE BEST ON THE MARKET!


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