Hair color is an important element of the hairstyle composition. We perceived the hairstyle colors as warm or cold, three-dimensional or flat, light or dense, ones, coming forward and receding. Hair color has a great influence on the feeling of your hair mass. For example, blond color visually expands and lightens it, the dark – reduce and make it heavier.
 The harmony of colors in hairstyle may be related or contrasting. A related color harmony consists of tones that are similar in color, but different in intensity: dark-and light-blond, brown and golden, blond and pink (beige) blond. A related color harmony is most frequently used in modeling of classical forms of hairstyles.
  Hair color reflects fashion. Along with the texture of hair, brings up the best in form and volume of the hair style, emphasizes the expressiveness of individual sections or elements.
  The significance the modern fashion is in search of the new and non-traditional combinations. Hair, dyed a single pure color, creates monochrome harmony in a hairstyles composition. Along with the single color, multi-toned types of coloring are used in the modeling of the hairstyle, adding the trendy feature in the shape of the modern woman.
  Any chemical hair dye has a strong effect on the hair structure, and in result the hair can lose its elasticity and even become completely damaged. To avoid this you need to make a very careful analysis of the hair, and choose the color base and an oxidizing agent. You need to consider the following factors: natural base (natural color), the percentage of gray hair, the root  length of the hair re-grown after previous coloring, the level of tone at the hair length, the level of tone at the hair ends, the sensitivity of the hair, compatibility of shades, the required level of lightening / darkening, the customer’s wishes.
Hair dying can not only change the hair color, but also can visually add volume: coloring penetrates into the hair structure and makes it slightly thicker.

Types and principles of hair coloring

There are several types of hair coloring;
1. Lightening and bleaching.
2. Coloring.
3. Coloring with a preliminary bleaching.
4. Toning.
5. Highlights.
6. Multi-toned hair coloring.
7. Balayage.
Types of hair lightening:
- Receiving of a new color, which at least one tone lighter than original hair color. It takes out the most of pigment form you hair and in result hair becomes lighter.

- Old color removal or too-dark color correction.

Bleaching – the highest level of hair lightening. Pigment is totally destroyed and hair becomes colorless. Bleaching can be a separate process, as well as preparatory step if you go many shades lighter.

 Coloring – receiving a new color by oxidation of components and replacing the artificial pigment by natural one.

Toning – slight change in hair color, is used to make rich color. The natural pigment is not affected.

Highlights – lighting (up to a different level) of individual strands of hair.

Multi-toned hair coloring – the coloring of hair strands in a different color. Three to four colors are usually used simultaneously.

Balyazh – lighting, or color change only on the hair ends.
Remember, a true hair color is seen only in daylight. The shades of blond hair are especially depending on the lightning. Sunlight can make a certain shade of your color more visible: red, yellow or blue. In fact, the dye mixes with the hair pigment and sometimes results in the most unexpected shades.

The main concern of hair coloring is how damaging it could be to the hair?  Modern dyes use ingredients that make minimal damage to hair. Let’s take an Italian company “Vitality `s” I’ve been working with. This company has 3 lines of upscale professional dyes: Zero, Art Absolute and Collection Linea Capillare. All formulas are developed in the laboratory and have their advantages.
 “Vitality” Zero line is a patented hypoallergenic permanent coloring system without ammonia; it contains diamond powder, which makes the hair shine and shimmer.  

“Vitality `s” Art Absolute line is created with low percentage of ammonia and contains jojoba oil, rice oil and olive oil. Provides 100% grey coverage. Does not burn or irritate the scalp and leaves hair healthy, shiny and undamaged.
  “Vitality `s” Collection Linea Capillare is designed with a high content of herbs and plant extracts, such as yarrow, chamomile, mallow, nettle, which protect the cuticle and hair texture.
Only you can choose what color to dye your hair in, and we, the professional hair stylists, will help, adjust and make all of your wildest dreams come true with the least risk to the health of your hair.
Let spring always live in your hearts!

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